Protect them

150x100cm, €2995

I will donate 50% of the income of this painting to The Rhino Orphanage

Ik heb gebruik gemaakt van olieverf op linnen 150x100cm
De prijs van het schilderij is €2995 en kan natuurlijk hier in mijn atelier afgehaald worden, maar kan ook verstuurd worden.
Heb je interesse? Bel mij dan op tel: 0031 6 19614078 of stuur mij een e-mail
Ik verkoop geen prints of reproducties van mijn werken… Dit schilderij is uniek, en wordt geleverd met een certificaat van echtheid.

I have used oil paint on linen of  150x100cm
The price of this painting  is €2995  and can be picked up in my studio but can also be delivered worldwide
Are you interested? Please get in touch with me by phone: 0031 6 19614078 or send me an e-mail
I do not sell any prints or reproductons of my art…. The art you take home is one of a kind, and will be delivered with a
certificate of authenticity
When I start working on a new painting I always do some researche about the animal I am going to paint. In this case it was not a pleasant reading… These rhino’s are wanted for their horn and are been killed by poachers in a horrific way. I was shocked how cruel people can be. And at the other hand there are also a lot of people who are trying to protect these beautiful animals. This is why I have decided to donate 50% of the income of this painting to one of the organisations who helps  rhinos to survive.
It is going to be The Rhino Orphanage  an organisation in South Africa that helps little Rhino’s who has no mum anymore to look after them. I saw a documentary made by Floortje Dessing about this beautiful organisation some time ago on Dutch television. It touched me how these people take care of these little rhinos and protect them from poachers.



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