Just Waiting

Just waiting

For sale / te koop …  €895
Painted with oil on a stretched canvas of 40x60cm

Is it a cat thing? Sit somewhere and then wait … wait for what? Probably something tasty .. 🙂 Our 4 cats are very good at this. And preferably sit  somewhere waiting where you stumble over them every time.

I have had a lot of fun painting this  cat. The coat of the cat is very laborious, but so  fun to paint !!

When you are interested in this painting, please contact me. Worldwide delivery is possible… I do not sell any prints or reproductons of my art…. The painting you buy is the  original and unique painting
Wanneer u geïnteresseerd bent in dit schilderij, neem dan contact met mij op. Wereld wijde levering is mogelijk. Ik verkoop geen prints of reproducties van mijn schilderijen…Het schilderij dat u koopt is het originele  en unieke schilderij

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